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Gruhn Guitars Weymann Style 6 Plectrum

Weymann Style 6 Plectrum Banjo

H.A. Weymann and son, a full-line instrument distributor, was established in Philadelphia and 1864 and started making banjos in 1900. Although the Weymann name may eventually be best-known as the maker of a custom guitar for Jimmie Rodgers, the Father of Country Music, the company's most commonly seen products are Jazz Age banjos, such as this Style 6 plectrum (inv. #JE2449) from around 1930.

Style 6, was one of the fancier models in the Weymann line, with walnut neck and resonator, engraved, gold-plated hardware, the "megaphonic" rim and a carved neck heel. It also sports Weymann's unusual hook-fastening system, with the tension hooks going through a "lip" extending from the rim rather than through the flange.

This banjo is in excellent condition. With original hard case it is priced at $4000.

This instrument is SOLD

For further enjoyment...

Back view

Close of body


Fingerboard and flange area

Close of fingerboard end


Resonator and tailpiece from end


Back of headstock

Neck heel from side

Heel carving from back

Resonator rim