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Established 1970

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Gruhn Guitars Fender Candy Apple Red Strat

1965 Fender Stratocaster
Candy Apple Red

Fender began offering a standardized palate of custom finish colors, including metallics, in 1958, but Candy Apple Red metallic - did not appear until 1963. Even with this late start, it became one of the more popular custom colors of the 1960s.

Although candied apples are typically red, the term "candy apple" also describes the finishing process, which features a base coat of silver sparkle oversprayed with a transparent finish color. The result is a rich, deep finish that seems to come alive as light hits it from different angles.

This example (inv. #EF7120) is from 1965 and has an L-series number. The fingerboard has been planed and refretted (an expert professional job), and the original tremolo backplate (included in the case) has been chipped on two corners. The original trem arm is included. In VG+ condition with original hard case, it is offered at $25,000

This instrument is SOLD

For further appreciation...

Close of body



Back of headstock

Back of neck

Full back view

Back of body