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Gruhn Guitars Gibson J-100

1940 Gibson SJ-100

The success of Gibson's Super Jumbo (SJ-200) in 1938 among cowboy singers and other folks who could afford a fancy $200 guitar spawned a less expensive -- but just as big -- model in 1939. The SJ-100 had the 200's 17-inch body but was only about half the price.

To many ears, the SJ-100 had the additional benefit of a mahogany body, which gave it a fuller, warmer sound than the maple-bodied SJ-200. Unfortunately, the SJ-100 was not revived after World War II.

This is the second version of the J-100, with standard Gibson peghead shape and a small bridge with three points. The neck has been professoinally refinished and Grover Rotomatic tuners have been installed.

This extremely rare instrument is in excellent condition. With original hard case it is offered at the reduced price of $10,000.

This instrument is SOLD

For full appreciation...

Close of body




Back view

Back of body

Back of neck