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Gruhn, D'Angelico Plectrum

D'Angelico Plectrum Guitar

John D'Angelico was just developing his own style as a maker of archtop guitars when he built this beautiful plectrum model in 1937. It has the standard four-string, 26-inch scale of a plectrum guitar and is the only D'Angelico of its kind we've ever encountered.

Based on his Excel design, this model has engraved inlay, an ingraved pickguard and early style straight-slot f-holes.

In excellent condition, with original hard case, this guitar (inv. #TG0250) is priced at $12,500.

This instrument is SOLD

For additional enjoyment...

Close of body

Back view

Back of body

Bridge and pickguard area

Tailpiece engraving

Angled view of fingerboard

Fingerboard near body

Fingerboard near headstock



Back of headstock