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Wes's picture
Wes Langlois

Wes was born and raised in Nashville. He became a familiar face and voice at our Front Desk from mid 2008 through early 2010 and was happy to return in a Sales role in 2012. He has a special love for vintage archtop acoustics and electrics as well as Jazzmasters, but he has a special love for broken and abused guitars of all kinds.

Wes is a very versatile guitar player who has toured internationally as a side man for several artists and still performs often around town. As a result, he maintains a collection of playable instruments in various states of disrepair, all of whom have names including Biff, Gene, Dick, Pegasus, and Wayne.

Wes spends his free time in his rocking chair, playing billiards, and writing space folks songs in his band Sad Party. His favorite record is Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind.