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Gruhn Guitars Fender Strat 1954

1954 Fender Stratocaster

When the Stratocaster was introduced in 1954, it represented perfection in guitar design -- aesthetically, ergomically and functionally. To many guitar players and collectors, it is still the perfect guitar.

The two-tone sunburst finish (a radical finish for Fender at the time) on a curvy, futuristic body gave the Strat a unique look that combined tradition and modernism. The contoured, light weight body made the Strat easier to hold and play than the solidbodies of its main competitor, especially for long periods of time. And its fully adjustable bridge saddles and stay-in-tune tremolo unit were major breakthroughs in design that set it apart from the guitars of all other makers.

This 1954 Strat (inv. #EF6195) is in exceptionally fine condition original tweed case (SOLD).

This instrument is SOLD

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Area around jack



Back of headstock

Full back shot

Close of back