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Gruhn Guitars Martin D-28

1934 Martin D-28

Martin put the term "dreadnought" into the guitar lexicon in 1931, with the D-1 (soon to be D-18) and the D-2 (soon to be D-28). Like most Martins, these first dreadnoughts had 12 frets clear of the neck. However, Martin's 14-fret OM's, introduced in 1929, were gaining in popularity, and in 1934 all the D's got 14-fret necks, too.

This D-28 was made in that first year of the 14-fret dreadnought, and it has all the features of a classic herringbone -- including a great sound, of course.

As one would expect of a great-sounding guitar, it has been played, and it is in VG+ condition. With its orignal hard case, this instrument (inv. #AA5786) is priced at $45,000.

This instrument is SOLD

For further enjoyment...

Back view

Close of body

Bridge area

Angled shot of bridge

End of fingerboard

Neck heel and backstripe

Herringbone at neck area

Herringbone at shoulder


Back of headstock