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Fender King

Jimmy C. Newman's Fender King

Fender's venture into the world of acoustic flat-top guitars in the 1960s produced several innovative features, including Fender's distinctive headstock with six-on-a-side tuner configuration and the bolt-on-neck design from the electric line. A support rod running the length of the body was also a new feature in the '60s, although it had band standard equipment on many guitars built by the Larson Brothers in the first half of the 1900s.

The dreadnought-sized King (later Kingman) was the top model of the Fender flat-top line that debuted in late 1963. The standard wood for back and sides was mahogany, but other exotic woods were available by custom order. While the Fenders brought a hip, modern look to the world of flat-tops, they were typically no match sonically for guitars with more traditional designs, and they disappeared in 1971.

This King (inv. #AM5691) was made some time between 1963 and 1966, with spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It was formerly owned and extensively used by Grand Ole Opry star Jimmy C. Newman on Opry performances as well as road shows, and it comes with a letter from Jimmy and a photo of him with this guitar. In VG+ condition with original hard case, it is now offered at $3500.

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Soundhole area
End of fingerboard
Back of headstock
Full back view