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Gibson ES-250 Christian

1939 Gibson ES-250

Gibson's ES-250 was introduced in 1939 to offer electric guitarists a step up from the company's first electric, the ES-150. Among those who made the move to the larger, fancier model was jazz legend Charlie Christian. Christian's association with the two Gibson models was so strong that the hexagonal pickup is commonly referred to today as the "Charlie Christian pickup," and some jazz players still consider it to be the best jazz pickup ever made.

The ES-250 is an extremely rare model, and this example from 1939 has all the classic appointment, including "stairstep" peghead shape and "open book shape" fingerboard inlays. It is in exceptionally fine condition with its original tweed case with orange and black stripes, and it comes with a matching EH-185 amp (also in excellent working order).

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Full view of guitar
Close of body
Back of headstock
Back of neck
Full back view
Back of body
Amp, front
Amp, back