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1961 Gibson ES-335

1961 Gibson ES-335

Gibson's ES-335 (inventory #EH5314) was that rarity of invention--the successful combination of two different styles into one new entity, the semi-hollowbody electric guitar.

This beautiful example from 1961 illustrates all the catchwords that light up the eyes of the vintage guitar afficionado, such as dot, PAF, nickel, orange label, etc.

It's in exceptionally fine condition (as you can see for yourself). The pickups are patent-applied-for, the hardware is nickel-plated, the neck has dot inlays and the original hard case is brown with pink plush lining. (SOLD).

This instrument is SOLD

For further enjoyment...

Back view

Closeup of bridge area

Closeup of controls

Closeup of treble-side f-hole

Closeup of peghead