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Gruhn Guitars is pleased and honored to have offered a collection of 29 guitars owned and used by Eric Clapton. The wide-ranging collection features both vintage and modern guitars, each accompanied by a photo of Eric Clapton with the guitar and a signed letter from him attesting ownership and use.

“Eric Clapton first visited my shop in 1970 when Derek & the Dominos performed on The Johnny Cash Show. He assembled his famous “Blackie” Stratocaster using components from the four Stratocasters he bought from me and parts he purchased from Sho-Bud Guitars around the corner from my shop the same day. Over the years, Eric and I have remained in touch, made a good number of instrument deals, and he has frequently visited Gruhn Guitars when he passes through Nashville,” said George Gruhn (Chairman & CEO of Gruhn Guitars). “It is very meaningful to have a friend like Eric Clapton who shares my love of guitars and uses the instrument to such great effect. Everyone at Gruhn Guitars feels incredibly honored to represent him in offering a group of very fine instruments from his collection.” - George Gruhn

The following instruments have been SOLD.
In addition to the videos, click the titles below to view photos and information about these SOLD instruments.

Introduction - The Eric Clapton Collection at Gruhn Guitars

1941 Martin 000-45

1931 Martin OM-28

2006 Fender Custom Shop "Blackie" Relic Stratocaster

1980 Santa Cruz FTC-17

1937 D'Angelico Excel

2009 Fender Custom Shop Daphne Blue Stratocaster

2012 Alexander Svistunof 17" archtop

2013 Gibson Wes Montgomery Custom L-5

More Instruments from the Eric Clapton Collection...
2003 Gerundino GF4 Flamenco
1998 Gerundino GF1 Flamenco
1941 D'Angelico New Yorker
1938 D'Angelico Excel 17"
1945 D'Angelico A Style
2013 D'Angelico Excel
2013 D'Angelico Style B
1980 Music Man Stingray
2007 Gibson SG Standard
1991 Gibson Firebird V
2000 Epiphone Les Paul (autographed by Les Paul)
2007 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Antigua Stratocaster
2006 Fender Custom Shop Porsche Atlas Grey Stratocaster
2011 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
2007 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Antigua Stratocaster
2014 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
2015 Gretsch G6112TCB-JR
2009 Gibson Byrdland Custom
2009 Gibson Byrdland Custom
1980s Roland G-505 Synth
Circa 1929 National Style 3 Tricone