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May 2017 Sale - Vintage and Used Acoustic Guitars

Throughout the month of May, those who visit our shop or the sale pages of our website can take advantage of our discounted prices! If any of these instruments are of interest to you, get in touch by email at or give us a call at 615.256.2033.

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AA9352, 1947 Martin D-18
SALE PRICE - $7,500
VG++, neck reset and refretted by Gruhn Guitars, an exceptionally fine sounding instrument, modern Martin HC ... SOLD
AA9440, 1946 Martin D-18
SALE PRICE - $8,750
VG++, several repaired back cracks (lower bout), refretted by Gruhn Guitars, exceptionally fine sound and playability, HC ... SOLD
AA9578, 1946 Martin D-18
SALE PRICE - $8,750
VG+ (moderate belt buckle wear), excellent tone and power, HC ... SOLD
AA9580, 1967 Martin D-28S
SALE PRICE - $7,250
VG+++, attractive Brazilian rosewood back and sides, scalloped bracing, neck professionally reset and refretted, replacement pickguard, exceptionally fine sound, Gibson HC ... SOLD
AA9653, 1967 Martin D12-35 12-string
SALE PRICE - $3,750
EXF, attractive Brazilian rosewood back and sides, neck reset, refret, and new bridge by Gruhn Guitars, repaired side crack, padded gig bag ... SOLD
AA9757, 2011 Martin D-45 Authentic 1942
SALE PRICE - $32,500
M, Adirondack spruce top, beautifully figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a superb example of Martin's finest workmanship and a faithful replica of the 1942 D-45 currently on display at the Martin Guitar Museum, exceptionally fine sound, OHC ... SOLD
AC1798, 1987 Jose Oribe classical
SALE PRICE - $4,750
NM with original certificate, 662mm scale, 53.7mm nut width, European spruce top, fiddle back maple back and sides, orange amber color finish, internal microphone with end pin jack, deluxe OHC with zipper cover ... $5,200.00
AC1857, 1986 MG Contreras Classical
SALE PRICE - $3,500
EXC, cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 650mm scale, 52.1mm nut width, signed label, HC ... SOLD
AC1951, 2000 Richard Mermer electric classical
SALE PRICE - $2,000
NM, cedar top, bubinga body, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with turquoise inlays, koa binding with tortoise color wood purfling, Highlander pickup with preamp, 24.84" scale, HC - SPRING SALE PRICE ... SOLD
AC1954, 2003 Thomas Fredholm, Sweden, classical
SALE PRICE - $6,750
EXC, European spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back, sides, bridge, and peghead veneer, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard, Humphrey style negative neckset angle (not as steep of angle as Humphrey used), Rodgers tuners ($800 new), 650mm scale, 53mm nut width, a superb hand crafted instrument, Hiscox HC ... $6,000.00
AM6475, 1998 Langejans Grand Concert cutaway
SALE PRICE - $3,750
EXF, orange-tinted Engelmann spruce top, AAA-grade Brazilian rosewood back sides, bridge and neck, 1 7/8" nut width, 5" body depth, L. R. Baggs active pickup system, OHC ... SOLD
AM6892, mid 1920s Kona Style 4 Hawaiian
SALE PRICE - $2,500
EXC (normal lacquer checking), all koa construction, fancy wood rope-pattern binding on peghead, fingerboard, top and back, rare model, HC ... $2,750.00
AM7073, 1981 Paul McGill, Nashville, TN steel-string cutaway
SALE PRICE - $2,500
EXF, cedar top, wenge back and sides (similar in appearance to rosewood), a very fine handmade instrument by a noted Nashville luthier, Martin HC ... $2,750.00
AM7181, 1999 Augustino Lo Prinzi Custom dreadnought
SALE PRICE - $1,850
NM, Indian rosewood back and sides, abalone top border and soundhole ring, abalone slotted-diamond fingerboard inlays, HC ... $1,850.00
AM7292, 1983 Apitius dreadnought
SALE PRICE - $3,250
EXF, Indian rosewood back and sides, a fine sounding expertly crafted hand made instrument, HC ... $3,300.00
AM7466, recent Short Mountain Guitars Dreadnought
SALE PRICE - $1,500
M, Sitka spruce top with herringbone trim, mahogany back and sides, a fine hand made instrument, HC ... SOLD
AM7518, 2012 Lucas SJ
SALE PRICE - $7,500
M, 15-1/2" wide body, 25-3/8" scale, master grade Adirondack spruce top, highly figured curly mahogany neck, back, and sides, maple bindings, wedge body shape, 3-7/8" deep on bass side, 4-1/8" deep on treble side at widest point of lower bout, a superbly crafted great sounding guitar, Cedar Creek HC ... ON SALE (Reduced from $8,750) ... SOLD
AM7544, c. 1930 Weissenborn Style 1
SALE PRICE - $1,875
VG++, SC ... SOLD
AM7559, Augustino AR-38 Custom
SALE PRICE - $1,750
VG+++, herringbone top trim, Indian rosewood back and sides, signed label, a fine hand made instrument, HC ... $1,500.00
AM7702, 2012 E.A. Foley "D" Bluegrass Special
SALE PRICE - $4,650
NM, Sitka spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back, sides, and peghead veneer, herringbone top trim, Waverly tuners, mammoth ivory nut and saddle, TKL deluxe HC ... $5,000.00
AM7412, 1991 Olson Acoustic Cutaway
SALE PRICE - $12,000
VG+++, beautifully figured curly maple back and sides, herringbone edge trim, abalone sound hole rosette, multiple bound fingerboard and peghead, pearl block inlays with abalone center wedges, LR Baggs Micro Drive passive pickup system, tweed HC ... SOLD
AM7592, 1999 Gallagher '72 Special
SALE PRICE - $2,750
EXC, cutaway, spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, Fishman B-Band electronics, HC ... $3,000.00
AR3762, 1995 Lacey Eclipse Prototype
SALE PRICE - $8,750
EXF, 18" body width, oval soundhole, elaborate engraved inlay, carved ebony tailpiece, beautifully figured curly maple, sunburst finish, heavy duty OHC ... $9,000.00
AR4210, 2007 Solomon Imperial/Phidelity
SALE PRICE - $4,750
NM, 15-1/2" wide, quilted maple back and sides, Kent Armstrong pickup with thumb-wheel volume control, multiple wood bindings, genuine gold emblem on truss rod cover, custom Cedar Creek HC ... $5,000.00
AR4307, late 1930s Stromberg G-2
SALE PRICE - $8,750
VG+++, 16-1/2" body width, three-piece f-hole, neck reset and refret by Gruhn Guitars, excellent playability, a fine instrument by a noted luthier, modern HC ... SOLD
AR4405, c. 1940 Stromberg Master 400
SALE PRICE - $25,000
VG+++, 19" body, new pickguard and refret by Gruhn Guitars, neck refinished, shim under fingerboard, set up in excellent playing order, an exceptionally powerful rhythm guitar, OHC ... SOLD
AR4458, 1957 Gibson L-5C
SALE PRICE - $8,650
VG+++, beautifully figured curly maple neck, back, and sides, refret and new pickguard by Gruhn Guitars, exceptionally fine sound, OHC ... SOLD
AR4527, 1958 Gibson Super 400C
SALE PRICE - $11,000
EXF, professionally refretted, set up with Gibson McCarty pickguard, brown OHC with pink plush lining ... SOLD
AR4437, 1935 Gibson Super 400
SALE PRICE - $17,000
EXF with minor lacquer checking, an excellent example from the first full year of production (total of 92 produced during 1935), powerful sound and excellent playability, OHC ... SOLD