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January Gruhn Staff Picks

Though it goes without saying that the folks at Gruhn are fans of fretted instruments, it's always nice to shine a spotlight on some favorites that can quickly pass through the shop. Here are some great instruments which have recently piqued our interest.

AM7073, 1981 Paul McGill, Nashville, TN steel-string cutaway
A great playing 35 year old vintage instrument by a noted builder. Well suited for fingerstyle work with a strong, warm, open sound. - Glen (Sales)
EXF, cedar top, wenge back and sides (similar in appearance to rosewood), a very fine handmade instrument by a noted Nashville luthier, Martin HC ... $2,750.00
BF3075, 1952 Fender Precision Bass
Are you kidding me? When I saw it, I thought it was a Custom Shop relic. It's so clean! Plays and sounds amazing. Once in a lifetime opportunity. - Tony (Repair)
EXF, a superb very early Precision model, padded gig bag ... SOLD
AR4522, 2013 D'Angelico Excel
Though recent, this one has that "thing" D'Angelico was known for. Owned by Eric Clapton, too. 'Nuff said! - Tony (Repair)
EXF, master luthier hand built instrument made in the USA, sunburst finish, owned and used by Eric Clapton since new - accompanied by signed letter and photograph of Eric holding this instrument, OHC ... SOLD
AA9882, 1943 Martin D-28
Sunburst herringbones are always special. This particular one has an excellent well-rounded sound that evenly covers the full range with authority. - Eric (President/GM)
VG++, original sunburst finish, neck professionally reset and refretted, new bridge, tuners replaced, plugged top hole, excellent sound, modern Martin HC ... SOLD
EX1332, c. 1959 D'Angelico electric archtop
Exceptionally good sound and feel. Interesting history, too. - Eric (President/GM)
EXC, 16-3/4" body (purchased by D'Angelico from United Guitar Company - Jersey City, NJ), handmade neck by D'Angelico, replica pickguard by Gruhn Guitars, original Franz pickups, a remarkably fine sounding instrument with exceptional tonal variation between the two pickups, OHC ... SOLD
EF8829, 1954 Fender Esquire
Great "Soft V" neck. - Joe (Archives)
VG++, original bridge cover, 7.2 lbs., period correct replacement D tuner, modern Fender HC ... $22,500.00
JA6162, 1995 Deering John Hartford Custom Model
24 fret fingerboard and a unique banjo sound! - Joe (Archives)
solid Brazilian rosewood neck, beautifully figured Brazilian rosewood resonator, gold plated engraved hardware, head autographed by Greg Deering and Don Wayne Remo, interior of resonator signed by instrument manufacturing staff, an exceptionally fine sounding instrument, OHC ... SOLD
EF8813, 1959 Fender Stratocaster
This Strat has it all. It's super straight, plays great, and sounds amazing. Who doesn't want a '59 Strat? I know I do! - Keith (Sales)
VG+++, three tone burst, maple neck, tweed OHC ... SOLD
PA2761, recent Bludotone Bludo-Drive with Loop-a-Later
A Dumble Overdrive Special clone. Sounds great and is REALLY LOUD. The reverb and TC 2290 are awesome. - Keith (Sales)
NM, 100 Watt head with vintage matched Mullard tubes in the power section and vintage matched Telefunken tubes in the preamp section, optional footswitch overdrive and preamp boost, Loop-a-Later, TC Electronics TC-2290 Dynamic Digital Delay + Effects Control Processor, Demeter Amplification Real Reverb, Monster Power Pro 2500 conditioner, effects rack mounted in road case, 2 x 12" speaker cabinet with 1968 vintage Celestion Greenback speakers. 1970s Vintage circuit D-style amplifier as demonstrated by Lance Keltner in his Youtube video featuring this specific model. An exceptionally versatile and impressive sounding guitar rig suitable for use in the studio or on stage ... $10,500.00
EB6706, recent Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R-7 Goldtop
We have quite a few Reissue Les Pauls right now and they are all good, expertly set up to the exact specifications, and tested three times before they hit the sales floor (and all at a fraction of the original price). - Doug (Repair)
NM with Certificate of Authenticity and hang tags, aged hardware, OHC ... SOLD
EH6753, 2015 Gibson ES-335 TD
Good representation of a 335. The neck is nice and beefy. Very versatile guitar. - Doug (Repair)
NM, Memphis built, aged metal hardware, OHC ... SOLD
UK1431, c 1930 Martin Style 1 Soprano
Amazing condition! I cannot believe the projection. This little uke is LOUD! - Julio (Repair)
VG+++, OHC ... SOLD
AT5716, new Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor
This is the perfect gift for a child looking to get started on guitar. Small, comfortable, and easy to play. Works great if you're looking for an inspiring portable guitar that you can take anywhere, too! - Julio (Repair)
3/4 dreadnought size, Sitka spruce top, sapele back and sides, Taylor padded gig bag ... SOLD
EZ5563, 1974 Guild S-50
This guitar looks great with both my outfit and my dog, Django. Chances are it's a good match for you and/or your dog, too. - William (Inventory/Photography)
VG, black finish, single humbucking pickup, HC ... $1,000.00
AG6476, c. 1944 Gibson J-45
BANNER! - William (Inventory/Photography) / This is one of the good ones. Don't let the mahogany top bother you. It has the right sound. - Wes (Sales)
VG++, banner logo, mahogany top, maple neck with single dark center line on back, modern HC ... SOLD
AA9296, new Martin Custom HD-28V
Exclusively made for Gruhn Guitars. A powerhouse dreadnought! - Rob (Sales)
Adirondack spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 1-3/4" nut width, modified V neck, Waverly tuners, Geib style HC ... SOLD
AB9709, new Martin 000-15 Special
An enormous sounding 000 size at a very affordable price (and made in the USA!). - Rob (Sales)
Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, black purfling, fingerboard and heel cap, satin finish, HC ... SOLD
AB9738, 1931 Martin 0-18K
If you love koa guitars, you will love this lovely old Martin 0-18K. It's gorgeous and has "that sound" for fingerpicking and light strumming. - Michael (Sales/Front Desk)
VG+++, original belly bridge and pickguard, original Spanish setup, neck reset by Gruhn Guitars, excellent sound and playability, rare model, HC ... SOLD
RG5090, 1929 National Triolian
This instrument has seen some action in its life and that just adds to the mystique. The sound takes it over the top! Very inspiring to play this great old guitar. - Michael (Sales/Front Desk)
VG+, neck reset and refretted by Gruhn Guitars, HC ... SOLD
AM7875, 1938 Kalamazoo KG-11
An amazing little guitar that SINGS! This beauty has a wonderful smooth sound. The V neck has been reset for perfect playability. Great price! - Tommy (Shipping/Sales)
EXF, neck professionally reset, SC ... SOLD
EH6777, 1961 Gibson ES-330
This is one of the best 330s from this era that I've ever played. Responsive tone with a great neck and a sweet mellow P-90 tone. - Tommy (Shipping/Sales)
EXC (moderate normal lacquer checking), cherry red finish, OSC ... SOLD
AM7874, new Waterloo by Collings WL-K
Really cool 12-fret like an old Gibson. It has a snappy balanced tone and an old school vibe. - Billy (Sales)
12-fret inspired by Gibson Kalamazoo model (far better craftsmanship than the original Kalamazoo of the 1930s), solid spruce x-brace top with light shaded top, mahogany back and sides, adjustable truss rod, bone saddle, ebony nut, bridge and bridge pins, HC. Serial Number 1554. ... SOLD
AT5644, new Taylor GS Mini-E Koa
Fun for home, travel, and more! Smooth playing and sounding with ES2 electronics and gig bag. - Billy (Sales)
solid koa top, layered koa back and sides, 1-11/16" nut width, factory installed Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, padded Taylor gig bag ... SOLD
CE0202, mid 1960s Fender Mustang / Duo-Sonic / Musicmaster electric hard shell case
Remember that time we moved the store? You know... all the people, the instruments, the furniture, the snakes, etc. Well, I'm happy we did, but there's not a person here who wants to do it again anytime soon. This place is great. So... I'm listing spare cases for sale on our website to clear some space! We'll be adding a few each week. Get in touch if there's one you've been needing. I'm at - Sarah (Operations Manager)
VG+, missing center latch, circular sticker residue and several exterior dings, interior fabric shows some age/staining, missing section of orange plush interior fabric along bottom edge of the case ... $175.00
AT5717, new Taylor 814CE LH (left-handed)
Though we don't have too terribly much control over what comes in vintage-wise or used-wise, manufacturers just keep manufacturing so we have a good handle on what we keep in stock new-wise. We're looking out for you, lefties. I'm keeping a good number of new left-handed instruments in stock just for you at the shop and at - Sarah (Operations Manager)
Grand Auditorium size, cutaway, Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, factory installed Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, wood pickguard, HC ... SOLD
EB6718, 2002 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic
Well priced Les Paul with a great sounding Seymour Duncan in the bridge position. - Greg (Repair Department Manager)
VG+++ (extensive belt buckle wear on back - not through finish), Seymour Duncan bridge pickup, OHC ... SOLD
EB6706, recent Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R-7 Goldtop
Gotta love a good Goldtop! Loaded with case candy and all! - Greg (Repair Department Manager)
NM with Certificate of Authenticity and hang tags, aged hardware, OHC ... SOLD