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Gruhn Staff Picks for March

Check out some of our in-stock favorites below.


AB9954, new Martin 0-18
"This 0-18 is a little powerhouse. Well suited for fingerpicking but strong enough to hit chords when needed. A guitar size that should be in the arsenal of most players. Two thumbs up!" - Glen (sales) "I am so glad that Martin is building this model again. Small body with BIG sound! This is perfect for finger style or single note flatpicking! Small and Comfy, delightful to play!" - Michael (sales)
Sitka spruce top with scalloped bracing, mahogany back and sides, ebony bridge and fingerboard, 24.9" scale, 1-3/4" nut width, HC ... MAP $2,459.00
EC2176, early 1970 Gibson SG Standard
"I love this SG! 1970 is my favorite year for these. Let there be ROCK!" - Lloyd (sales)
EXC, cherry finish, OHC ... $5,750.00
AB9795, new Martin 000-28
"These guitars produce a rich full bodied tone with an auditorium size body. The 1-11/16" nut width is great for electric players who find it a hassle to transition to greater width that is commonly associated with acoustic guitars. Excellent choice for intermediate or advanced player." - Rob (sales manager)
Sitka spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, 1-11/16" nut width, molded HC ... MAP $2,859.00
AG6560, 1957 Gibson LG-2
"This LG-2 is a near perfect flat top. If you want classic Gibson flat top tone look no further. I would buy it, but I already have one." - Wes (sales) "I'm a sucker for these little Gibsons - the LG-2 is truly one of my all time favorite flat tops. This one has everything you would expect and a comfortable neck too! It has heft but not as much as a banner era - just right." - Eric (GM)
VG+++, replacement tuners, modern HC ... $3,750.00
AT5998, 2015 Taylor 326E Baritone
"Ya gotta have a solid acoustic baritone in the mix. Ya just gotta." - William (inventory / photography)
M, 27" scale length, mahogany top, sapele back and sides, Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, OHC ... $1,800.00
EC2182, 1965 Gibson SG Standard
"This 1965 SG Standard plays and sounds excellent. It has the smaller nut width with chrome hardware. Flat out awesome!" - Keith (sales)
EXC, OHC ... $9,000.00
AT6001, new Taylor 224CE-K DLX
"Beautiful grand auditorium body size with a warm and snappy tonal balance and smooth easy to play neck. Comes with the new ES-2 electronics and deluxe case! " - Billy (sales
Grand Auditorium cutaway, solid koa top with dark edge burst, veneered koa back and sides, sapele neck, 1-11/16" nut width, black binding, Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, HC ... MAP $1,499.00
EE1890, 1961 Epiphone Casino
"A bargain for ES-330 performance! Once you get used to the pickup placement you will love the unique sound it offers. It is clean, clean, clean and very comfortable!" - Doug (repair)
EXC, single pickup, professionally refretted, metal peghead logo plate missing, gig bag ... SOLD
BM3073, 2011 Suhr J Bass
"Great feeling neck profile, beautiful blue quilted maple top - fantastic instrument!" - Brandon (repair)
M, highly figured maple top and headstock with transparent blue finish, 20-fret, 3 band active electronics, 8.75lbs, OHC ... $3,750.00
BM3080, recent Modulus Flea Bass
"This bass feel rock solid and has a super sleek satin neck finsh. The single pickup is placed at the exact sweet spot for perfect tone." - Joel (repair)
M with papers, master grade quilted maple top with dark burst, carbon fiber neck, Badass II bridge, 9.6 lbs., OHC ... $3,500.00
AM7852, new Waterloo WL-JK Jumbo King DLX
"This Waterloo guitar is very capable of copying the elusive "vintage sound" on a modern platform. It has a full and open sound with exceptional playability. It also does this with a much better fit and finish than the originals that inspired it." - Glen (sales)
same specs as the standard with added binding, true to original valve cover tuners, full-body sunburst finish, Geib style HC, Serial number WL1391 ... $2,625.00
EF8990, 1973 Fender Telecaster
"This is a truly nice Telecaster at a great price. The repair and setup was done in-house so it plays like a dream. This is the perfect way to get yourself into a vintage Fender electric without breaking the bank." - Lloyd (sales)
VG+++, replacement knobs and control plate, original bridge cover and control plate in case pocket, OHC ... SOLD
AC1986, 1969 Martin 00-28C
"This is a lovely 1969 Martin 00-28C nylon string guitar! It has Brazilian rosewood back & sides, Sitka spruce top, and an L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup system installed. Sounds great unplugged or plugged in! It's ready to go!!!" - Michael (sales)
VG+++, attractive Brazilian rosewood back and sides, LR Baggs Anthem electronics, HC ... $3,250.00
AB9465, new Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933
"This guitar is like having an instrument from the pre-war years without having to spend over $15k to own one. Non-VTS Adirondack top with genuine mahogany back and sides period correct appointments, shade top finish, 1 3/4 nut width. Vintage tone and playability that will soothe your soul. - Rob (Sales Manager)
Non-VTS design with Adirondack spruce shade top, mahogany back and sides, hide glue construction, period correct appointments, HC ... MSLP $6,599.00
EZ5605, 1960s Gower solidbody electric
"I like odd guitars. They offer inspiration that can be out of context and adventurous - this is truly THAT kind of guitar and it does it well." - Wes (sales)
VG+++, Epiphone fingerboard, replacement pickups, no case ... $1,450.00
EC2199, 1962 Gibson Les Paul Junior (SG body shape)
"There is nothing that sounds like a great SG/Les Paul Jr. The single P-90 just rips!" - Keiith (sales)
EXC (small scratches on back - not through finish), modern Gibson HC ... $4,500.00
MF8796, new Kentucky KM-606
"New Kentucky KM-606 F style mandolin, great playing , nice chop and volume and cool - looks make this a great mandolin to carry around! - Blly (sales)
standard F-style with solid carved spruce top, solid maple back, sides, and neck, radiused fingerboard, dark distressed satin finish ... SOLD
BM3061, recent Mike Lull Thunderbird
"This bass is like a Gibson Thunderbird but far better. It has a "jazzier" neck profile and is a dream to play!" - Joel (repair)
M, Ice blue metallic finish, 7.8 lbs, OHC ... $3,700.00
BM3112, recent Lakland Tetsuya Signature 55-69 5 string
"Gorgeous quilted maple top wiith a finish that stands out - this bass plays as great as t looks!" - Brandon (repair)
M, very limited production model, swamp ash body with special order highly figured quilted maple top, gold plated hardware, 8.4lbs, tweed OHC ... $3,800.00
JA6321, recent vintage replica gourd banjo
"Looking for a different and interesting sound for that live performance or recording? A gourd banjo is just the thing! This fretless 5 string has a very unique tone and earthy timbre giving a folky and mellow vibe! Very cool!" - Tommy (shipping)
NM, cherry wood neck, gut strings, a high quality professionally manufactured replica of mid 1800s gourd back and tack head fretless banjo, no case ... $650.00
EB6794, 1959 Gibson LP Junior 3/4
"Rare 3/4 sized Junior with lots of character. They don't come up often, but when they do, we all get a little excited here at Gruhn's." - Greg Repair Shop Manager
VG++, replacement tuners, edge damage at lower bout treble side, no case ... SOLD
AR4577, 1918 Gibson Harp Guitar
"Here we have a 1918 Harp guitar that is restored to be fully functional. It turns 100 year old this year; just in time for its second life to be enjoyed by some fortunate musician/caretaker." - Greg (Repair Shop Manager)
EXC, new bridge, new guard and refret by Gruhn Guitars, OHC ... $7,500.00