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Established 1970

Flathead Banjos

JA6458, 1929 Gibson TB-6 original flat head with new Frank Neat 5-string neck
EXF, original high-profile lightweight flat-head tone ring (1 lb, 15 oz), gold-sparkle edge trim, new Frank Neat 5-string replica neck with original tuners, comes with original tenor neck, HC...$32,500.00
JA6436, 1942 Gibson RB-7 Top Tension
EXC, replacement tuners and arm rest, a superb sounding instrument, OHC...$90,000.00
JE3215, 1940 Gibson PB-7
EXC, figured maple neck, original 40-hole flat tone ring (one of only three known, all of which had been shipped to South Africa), tone ring weight - 2 pounds, 13 ounces, original wrist mute, original Kluson tuners with Catalin amber tuner buttons, original 12/18 style inlay and binding on neck, original chrome top-tension style armrest, OHC...$38,500.00