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August Staff Picks

For the month of August each member of the staff of Gruhn Guitars has selected several instruments that they feel are outstanding.  Since everyone has differing taste there is a broad array of instrument types and each was chosen by personal preference and functionality.

EB6808, 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
"If I were to purchase another Les Paul it would likely be a special. I love the weight of this particular guitar...Very light and comfortable. The P-90 pickups are especially warm. The guitar is very affordable as well!" - Tommy (shipping)
VG+++, tobacco sunburst, stamped factory 2nd but no visible production flaws, formerly owned and used by Hoot Hester (former member of Nashville Now band and Grand Ole Opry staff band), comes with letter of authentication from Lola Hester, HC ... SOLD
EH6832, 1953 Gibson ES-175
"Great Jazz/Rock guitar!" - Julio (repair)
VG+++, fingerboard professionally rebound, modern HC ... $3,500.00
AB9766, new Martin 00-17S Whiskey Sunset
"Great small bodied guitar with a full sound. Perfect songwriter guitar (small and easy to carry around)." - Lin (repair)
Sitka spruce top with ivoroid binding, mahogany back and sides, 12-fret neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, sunburst finish, HC ... MAP $1,559.00
EF8676, 1958 Fender Stratocaster
"The Fender Stratocaster - a true American classic. This gem is in great condition (VG+++) and comes with original hang tags." - Greg (Repair Shop Manager)
VG+++ with original hang tag, sunburst finish, tweed OHC ... $27,500.00
AM8084, new Collings Parlor 1 Traditional
"This Collings Parlor 1 Traditional is a spectacular instrument. It is very powerful and touch sensitive. It is particularly well suited for fingerpicking style but stout enough to strum chords. The ultimate couch buddy." - Glen (sales)
Sitka spruce top, Honduran mahogany back and sides, 24-7/16" scale length, 1-3/4" nut width, ebony pyramid bridge, Deluxe HC. Serial Number 28057. ... $5,000.00
EZ5662, new Collings 360 Baritone Doghair
"Really cool playing 27-1/2 inch scale with fantastic build with Lollar P-90 pickups and super cool Doghair finish!" - Billy (sales)
ash body in Doghair finish, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 27-1/2" scale length, 1-11/16" nut width, Lollar Alnico P-90's, Mastery tremolo and bridge, Collings HC by Ameritage. Serial Number 36018629. ... $3,700.00
AB10304, new Martin Custom Grand J Baritone
"These guitars are straight from the Custom shop. They are no longer produced in the standard model series. 27.5" Scale, 17” body width, 1 3/4 nut width. Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides. Open up a new dimension to your creativity - the voicings on this instrument reflect a lush deep tone. A real compliment to a Baritone singer. Truly, one of the finest Baritones on the market." - Rob (Sales Manager)
27.5" scale length, sitka spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, 17" body width, 1-3/4" nut width, 45 style rosette, D-TAR Wave-length Multi Source pickup; deluxe Geib style HC ... $3,750.00
AB10035, 1958 Martin 00-18G classical
"This is my current "shop guitar" as I find myself playing it around the store when I have a moment to play. I own this exact model from a few years earlier and I play mine for many hours a week at home. The Martin gut strings are not concert classical instruments but they are exceptionally pleasing guitars to have around for the steel string player who wants a good gut string sound without buying a high end concert classic." - Wes (sales)
EXF, LR Baggs Element electronics, padded gig bag ... $2,100.00
EH6847, early 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez
"I love a Trini! This one plays great thanks to the in-house refret. I usually prefer the original trapeze tailpiece but must admit that the Bigsby adds a little something unique to the functionality." - Eric (GM)
VG+++ (moderate normal lacquer checking), Bigsby tailpiece, refretted by Gruhn Guitars, OHC ... SOLD
EB6825, recent Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special DC
"Light weight and nice warmth from these great P-90 pickups. I really love this neck, not as chunky as some I have played. The double cut gives very easy access." - Tommy (shipping)
M with original Certificate of Authenticity, OHC ... $2,500.00
EH6835, 1960 Gibson ES-330TN
"Supper light weight, comfortable neck. Great set up as always :)." - Julio (repair)
EXF, beautifully figured top, replacement tailpiece, brown OHC with pink plush lining. During 1960 there were only 88 of these manufactured with a natural finish. ... $6,000.00
AB9740, new Martin Custom 5-15 terz
"I like having the capo on the 3rd Fret of a standard tuned guitar - this works great! It is perfect for the studio for alternate chord voicings and overdubs." - Lin (repair)
21-1/2" scale length tuned to G, 12-fret, sipo (mahogany) body and neck with ebony bridge and fingerboard, 1-3/4" nut width, deluxe HC ... $1,950.00
EF9004, 1964 Fender Stratocaster
"Here is a great example of a pre-CBS Fender Strat with tons of mojo. The repair shop pros re-fretted this iconic guitar to ensure it plays better than when it was sold new in 1964." - Greg (Repair Shop Manager)
VG++, refretted by Gruhn Guitars, original bridge cover and tremolo arm in case pocket, OHC ... $16,000.00
AB10304, new Martin Custom Grand J Baritone
"This Martin Custom Grand J Baritone guitar is amazing! You will definitely be the big boy on the block with this guitar. 17" bass bout! It has a 1-3/4" nut width and sounds quite beautiful acoustically but plugged in is delightfully surprising. A great tool for studio as well. Two thumbs up on this one!" - Glen (sales)
27.5" scale length, sitka spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, 17" body width, 1-3/4" nut width, 45 style rosette, D-TAR Wave-length Multi Source pickup; deluxe Geib style HC ... $3,750.00
EF8885, 1969 Fender Swinger/Musiclander
"Cool and rare short scale - has the vibe and cool twang to it," - Billy (sales)
VG+, Dakota red, HC ... $2,750.00
AM8129, 2014 Collings OM3 BR G Cut
"This is a spectacular build from the folks in Austin, Texas. German spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, 1 3/4 nut width. The instrument plays like a dream and, has those bell like highs that Brazilian wood can produce. Each note is harmonically balanced with beautiful clarity. This instrument is in showroom new condition. We can easily install a pick up of your choice from our vast collection of acoustic pick ups if desired." - Rob (sales)
NM, German spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, 1 3/4" nut width, Serial Number 23054 ... $9,975.00
AG6590, c. 1974 Gibson J-200 Artist
"This J-200 is far better than you would expect... the 1970's Gibson flat tops do not have a great reputation but this 200 defies the odds. I find the tone and playability of this guitar to be quite strong and would recommend it to anyone looking for a vintage 200 who does not have $5000+ budget." - Wes (sales)
VG++, neck reset by Gruhn Guitars, OHC ... $3,000.00
EU2971, 1966 ZB Custom D-11 pedal steel
"I'm not a pedal steel guitar player at all but I certainly appreciate music history and this instrument is a big part of what was happening with country music in the 1960s and 1970s. Hard to believe the condition considering how it toured (along with the Fender Bassman that Leo modified for Bromley by installing a 15" JBL D130 speaker (PA2895)! This pedal steel is in perfect playing order as if Tom were planning to use it today." - Eric (GM)
EXC, owned and used extensively by Tom Brumley throughout his career. Tom was instrumental in the creation of the "Bakersfield Sound", his earliest work was between 1963 and 1969 playing steel guitar for Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. He continued to play steel guitar in recordings and performances with Rick Nelson, Chris Isaak, Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Waylon Jennings, Ray Price, Reba McEntire, Chris Hillman, Rod Stewart and Martina McBride. This custom built pedal steel was delivered to Tom in 1968 and used on many recordings throughout his career as well as on The Buck Owens Ranch, The Jackie Gleason Show and The Merv Griffin Show. Also used on the "Live in Japan" and "Live at Carnegie Hall" albums. Two eleven string necks, two knee levers and eight pedals, comes with original hard case. ... $25,000.00
MF8818, new Collings MF
"One of my favorite new build mandolins. Great feeling neck and fantastic sound." - Brandon (repair)
Adirondack spruce top, figured maple back, sides, and neck, ivoroid binding with satin finish, HC. Serial number F2040. ... $4,425.00
AB10259, 1926 Martin 00-45
"This instrument is pure class and rings like a bell." - Nathan (repair)
VG+++ (finish lightly oversprayed), refretted by Gruhn Guitars, period HC ... $25,000.00
BM3138, new Gold Tone Micro Bass M-Bass 25 (fretted)
"This bass is capable of warm tones. The longer scale and longer body than other smaller basses give it enough additional volume to make it useful acoustically." - Joel (repair)
25" scale acoustic bass with Aquila polymer strings, active pickup with tuner, padded gig bag ... $450.00
EH6833, 1961 Gibson ES-335
"I love ES-335s - I have been playing them for over 50 years. This one has the slim-taper neck and PAF pickups - it sounds and plays great!!" - Keith (sales)
VG+++, professionally refretted, period correct tuners with new buttons, PAF humbucking pickups, replacement pots, OHC ... $27,500.00
EC2202, 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard
"I really like this guitar, it has an unusually larger neck than SGs of this era. Pickups sound great and combine perfectly with the feel." - Keith (sales)
EXF, Cherry Red finish, original pickups with patent number sticker on bridge pickup and no sticker on neck pickup, sideways vibrola tailpiece, OHC ... $13,500.00
BG1725, 2012 Gibson Non-Reverse Thunderbird
"This bass will give you the classic tones at an unbeatable price. Not to mention an impressive look!" - Joel (repair)
NM with papers, Pelham blue, OHC ... $1,400.00
AR4599, 1933 Epiphone Triumph
"This is the perfect archtop for lead a rhythm playing - it has it all". - Nathan (repair)
VG+++, owned and used by David Rawlings (comes with hand written letter and photograph of David with this guitar), medium/high action set up exactly as used by David, OHC ... $3,150.00
BM3098, 2009 Sadowsky Standard 4-String Model
"Thsi J-style koa plays very well and has a good balance of vintage and modern tones - extremely versatile." - Brandon (repair)
M with papers, chambered mahogany body with master grade koa top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Humcancelling J pickups with Sadowsky preamp and Vintage Tone control, black hardware original padded gig bag ... $4,200.00
BG1725, 2012 Gibson Non-Reverse Thunderbird
"A rare bird to find! This Pelham Blue Non-Reverse modern Thunderbird has a great weight and is well-balanced for the stage. A great feel and unique look. I think these will be more and more sought after." - William (inventory / photography)
NM with papers, Pelham blue, OHC ... $1,400.00
EG3435, 2015 Gretsch Duo Jet '62 Reissue G6128T
"A minty, super light double cutaway Duo Jet upgraded with some perfectly microphonic TV Jones Classics pickups and a Compton aluminum compensated bridge top." - William (inventory / photography)
NM with original Certificate of Authenticity and papers,TV Jones Classic pickups, Compton bridge, OHC ... $2,250.00
EB6823, 2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom '54 Reissue (B4)
"I really have an affinity towards LP Customs. The '54 B4 Reissue is a dream guitar! The Alnico pick-ups really add a true vintage vibe! The neck has a smooth feel and the weight is really comfortable for a Custom. " - Andrew (reception / counter sales)
M with original certificate of Authenticity, Alnico 5 staple pickup in neck position, P-90 in bridge position, OHC ... SOLD
EH6844, 1953 Gibson ES-295
"Timeless and gorgeous - aesthetically and tonally! A very versatile guitar! " - Andrew (reception / counter sales)
VG+++, repaired crack on bass side, refretted by Gruhn Guitars, OHC ... $5,500.00
AB9586, new Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933
"A new guitar, with the sound and soul of an instrument 50 years its senior. This guitar is as versatile as it is beautiful. Strummed lightly, you hear the nuance of each note in the chord. Simply play a G chord, and you realize this guitar is something special. Dig in, and it responds with plenty of volume and warm, bottom-end punch, as only a Martin can. Throw on a thumb pick for some finger style, and, before you know it, you're hammering out your first instrumental. It's the kind of guitar that invites and inspires you to play!" - Gary (sales)
new design with torrefied Adirondack spruce shade top, mahogany back and sides, VTS (Vintage Tone System) bracing and finish, hide glue construction, period correct appointments, HC ... MSLP $6,599.00
AA10392, 1942 Martin D-18
"A well-loved, seasoned instrument, whose authentic, cosmetic character is the result of hard work; not drawing board decisions. The moment you strum it, this guitar tells you why old Martins are special. It has that signature warmth and focus that define D18s. The comfortable neck and action make playing this guitar nearly effortless. This guitar begs to be played!" - Gary (sales)
refinished, replacement bridge and pickguard, neck professionally reset, new bridge plate and refret by Gruhn Guitars, fine tone and playability, HC ... $11,500.00