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Archived Inventory

Featured Inventory Archives 1999-2012

Electric guitars and basses...
Johnny Winter's custom Alembic made by Rick Turner
1982 Benedetto B-175 (similar to Gibson ES-175)
1980 Benedetto Semi-hollowbody
"Whitey" - John Cowan's 1962 Fender Jazz Bass
1958 Fender Precision bass
Roger Fisher (of Heart) customized Strat
George Fullerton's crushed-mirror Telecaster
Bill Carson's 1959 Fiesta Red Stratocaster
1953 Fender Esquire with Deluxe amp
1956 Fender Esquire with custom blue finish
Dec. 2006 inventory of classic Stratocasters
1954 Fender Stratocaster
1954 Fender Stratocaster
1954 Fender Stratocaster
1958 Fender Stratocaster, 3-color sunburst
1958 Fender Stratocaster, 3-color sunburst
1964 Fender Stratocaster, Lake Placid Blue
1965 Fender Stratocaster, Lake Placid Blue
1965 Fender Stratocaster, Candy Apple Red
1965 Fender Stratocaster
1965 Fender Stratocaster with plastic back guard
Lefty 1961 Fender Stratocaster
1952 Fender Telecaster with Bigsby kit
"Tele" Vision - A 1953 Fender Classic
1955 Fender Telecaster
1959 Fender Telecaster
Gibson Ace Frehley prototype #2
Gibson Chet Atkins Super 4000
Chet Atkins' personal Gibson SST
Jerry Garcia's 1966 Gibson Byrdland
1968 Gibson ES-140T 3/4 with Byrdland trim
1939 Gibson ES-250
1958 Gibson Flying V, refinished white
1962 Gibson 1962 ES-345, cherry finish
1962 Gibson 1962 ES-345 sunburst, left-handed, with Bigsby
1972 Gibson Firebird V Medallion
1968 Gibson Flying V
1952 Gibson Les Paul goldtop.
Hank Williams Jr.'s 1954 Les Paul.
1957 and '58 Gibson Les Paul goldtopd and a 1959 sunburst
1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard with faded cherry finish
1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with faded cherry finish
1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard with spectacular curl and 1959 neck dimensions
1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard formerly owned by John Fogerty
1985 Gibson Les Paul Studio with Roland synth electronics, owned by Bob Welch
1994 Gibson Custom Shop "Suroeste" Les Paul
Gibson Stars-and-Stripes Map-shape
Custom Amex Blue guitar by Phil Jones Of Gruhn Guitars
1958 sunburst ES-335 with unbound neck
Chet Atkins' personal SST.
1958 Gibson ES-335 sunburst with unbound neck
1960 Gibson ES-335 cherry red with Bigsby
1958 Gibson ES-335 sunburst finish
1959 Gibson ES-335 sunburst finish
1959 Gibson ES-335 natural finish
1961 Gibson ES-335, cherry with Bigsby
1961 Gibson ES-335 sunburst finish
1957 Gretsch Chet Atkins hollowbody (6120)
1956 Gretsch Convertible, Model 6199
1957 Gretsch White Penguin
1958 Gretsch White Penguin
1956 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 owned by Bobby Whiteside of Chess Records
1958 Gretsch 6120 Tenor
1960 left-handed Gretsch Country Gentleman
Chet Atkins' personal Gretsch Country Gentleman
1977 Gretsch George Van Eps seven-string
1967 Rickenbacker 360-12 O.S.
1982 Mike Stevens custom 335-style with inlay by Renee Karnes
Fred Newell's "Nashville Now" custom Gibson
Mark Lacey Argonaut
1986 PRS Custom 24
Disney Stratocaster
Vox Mandoguitar
Zimnicki seven-string
Acoustic archtop guitars...
Benedetto Artist (with floating pickup)
Benedetto Limelight (with floating pickup)
Benedetto Cremona(with floating pickup)
1988 Benedetto Cremona (with floating pickup)
Benedetto Fratello (with floating pickup)
1989 Benedetto Fratello (with floating pickup)
Benedetto Manhattan (with floating pickup)
Benedetto Supreme
1990 Collings archtop
Comins Chester Avenue seven-string
Comins Chester Avenue prototype, built with Bob Benedetto
1975 D'Aquisto New Yorker seven-string
1937 D'Angelico Excel made for Tom Johnston
1937 D'Angelico plectrum
Perry Bechtel's 1955 D'Angelico New Yorker cutaway (with floating pickup)
1959 D'Angelico Excel cutaway owned by Homer Haynes of Homer & Jethro
1959 D'Angelico Excel cutaway
1947 D'Angelico New Yorker, blonde non-cutaway
1971 D'Aquisto Excel
1986 D'Aquisto New Yorker Classic with no plastic or metal parts (except tuners)
1984 D'Aquisto New Yorker Special
D'Aquisto New Yorker (with floating pickup)
1897 Orville Gibson guitar
Mother Maybelle Carter's 1928 Gibson L-5
A pair of 1924 Gibson L-5s, signed by Lloyd Loar
March 31, 1924 Loar-signed Gibson L-5
George Gobel's Prototype Gibson L-5CT
1954 Gibson L-5C (cutaway) with double-"McCarty" fingerrest pickups.
Prototype for Gibson Historic Collection '39 Super 400P
1915 Gibson Style U harp guitar
1936 Gibson Super 400
1937 Gibson Super 400
1940 Gibson Super 400P cutaway, natural finish with double McCarty pickup
1969 Gibson Super 400CN
1981 Gibson Kalamazoo Award
1907 Gibson Style U harp guitar
Mark Lacey Virtuoso
Harvey Leach Elite
1937 Martin F-9 archtop
Martin F-9 archtop
Ranger Doug's Stromberg G-3
Stromberg Master 400
1946 Stromberg Master 400
1940 Stromberg Master 400, natural
Acoustic flat-top guitars...
Bozo Podunavac twelve-String
A fancier Bozo twelve-String
Patrick Eggle Saluda Maple Leaf prototype
Fender King owned by Opry star Jimmy C. Newman
Two Gibson 1930s Advanced Jumbos
1929 Gibson Nick Lucas, all rosewood
1915 Gibson Style U harp guitar
1940 Gibson SJ-100
1994 Gibson Custom SJ-200
Elvis Presley's Gibson Everly Brothers model
1929 Gibson HG-24 with standard dreadnought construction
Ray Whitley's Gibson J-200 Custom "Party Guitar"
Webb Pierce's custom Grammer dreadnought
1977 Hascal Haile classical, owned by Chet Atkins, used on the cover of Chet's guitar method book
1978 Hascal Haile cutaway classical, owned by Chet Atkins
1959 Hermann Hauser II classical
1958 Hermann Hauser II classical
1965 Hermann Hauser II classical
1972 Hermann Hauser II classical
Mark Lacey Nightingale Flat Top
Larson Brothers' Prairie State
Larson Brothers' Prairie State with Tree of Life inlay
Three small-body Martins from the 1930s
Martins owned by Johnny Cash and Joe Carter
1830s Martin presentation with ivory fingerboard
Martin 1904 1-45
Martin circa 1860 2-42
Martin 1891 0-42
Martin 1921 00-45
Martin 00-18 25th Anniversary Model
Grand Ole Opry star Charlie Walker's 1953 Martin 000-28.
Jeff Hanna's 1951 Martin 000-28
Martin 1921 000-28 Koa (not notated with "K" in Martin records)
1921 C.F. Martin 000-28K (same guitar as above, feature from Gruhn catalog)
Martin 1921 000-28 Koa (the one listed as koa in Martin records)
1924 Martin 000-45
1936 Martin 000-45
1937 Martin 000-45 Hawaiian
Martin 1997 000-45 Jimmie Rodgers
1930 Martin 000-45 12-fret
2003 replica of original 1902 Martin 00-45
Johnny Cash's Martin D-21
Al Dexter's 1935 Martin D-28
Martin 1934 D-28
Martin 1969 D-28 owned by Merle Travis, Marty Stuart and Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash's customized 1968 Martin D-35S
Johnny Cash's personal D-42JC prototype #1
1969 Martin D-41 with Brazilian rosewood
Martin 1940 D-45
Martin 1942 D-45
Wilma Lee Cooper's Martin D-45s
1994 Martin D-45GA, replica of Gene Autry's 1933 D-45
Martin D-50 Deluxe
Martin Wulitzer size 0 koa
Martin dreadnought protoype by John Deichman
Martin Wurlitzer 2090 (similar to 0-28)
2000 Olson twelve-string
1994 Santa Cruz TR-45
1950s Selmer oval hole
2006 custom Taylor designed by George Gruhn
1998 Taylor Presentation Series PS-14 koa
2004 Taylor XXX-BE limited edition
Tennessee Faron Young Commemorative
Tennessee Jim Reeves Commemorative
Santa Cruz 10th anniversary Tony Rice model, made for and played by Tony Rice
1960s Vega Classic Lute (baritone uke), Arthur Godfrey model
c 1930 Martin 5K soprano uke, owend by Eddie Connors
Washburn custom shop Ryman Auditorium guitar
Banjos, resonator guitars, mandolins and other miscellany
Roy Acuff's c1810 Panormo-style violin
Roy Acuff's Martin Style 3 ukulele
Orville Gibson lyre mandolin, circa 1900
National Style 3 and Style 4 tricone squarenecks.
Paul Bigsby's personal volume pedal
1991 Ome Grand Artist Classic custom plectrum banjo
Ellis mandolins
1987 Gibson F-5 Florentine "art mandolin" #01, formerly owned by Butch Baldassari
1924 Loar-signed Gibson H-5 mandola.
1939 Gibson custom top tension tenor model.
Custom 1927 Gibson Florentine plectrum (Bella Voce inlay)
three fancy Gibsons: 1928 TB-6 gold sparkle (flat-head), 1931 Bella Voce 6-string guitar banjo, 1931 Florentine plectrum (flat-head)
Gibson custom electric tenor banjo made for Roy Smeck, circa 1940.
Mandolin sampler: F-5 owned by Bill Monroe, Gibson F-7, Gilchrist 5C from Nashville Mandolin Ensemble
Banjos and fiddles from the estate of John Hartford
Jethro Burns' Gibson F-5 mandolin
July 9, 1923 Gibson Loar F-5 mandolin with "side binding"
July 9, 1923 Gibson Loar F-5 mandolin with normal binding
March 24, 1924 Gibson Loar F-5 mandolin
1924 Gibson Loar F-5 mandolin
Gibson Loar F-5, Dec. 1, 1924
1929 Gibson F-5 Fern
early 1929 Gibson F-5 Fern
circa 1910 Carved-top mandolin
Roland White's 1968 "Randy Wood #2" F-5
A 2000 Gilchrist with flowerpot and block inlays, and a 1982 with fern inlay.
Ronny McCoury's 1997 Gilchrist Style 5
Sonny Osborne Chief model five-string banjo
Bobby Osborne signature mandolin
c. 1930 Ludwig Big Chief tenor
c. 1930 Ludwig Standard Art tenor
circa 1910 Lange five-string (unlabeled) with metal-bowl resonator
1907 Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7 five-string
1923 Fairbanks-Vega Deluxe original five-string
1890s S.S. Stewart Custom Presentation
1890s S.S. Stewart Thoroughbred Special
Richelieu five-string Ne Plus Ultra Golden Eagle
Gibson 1928 Bella Voce tenor
Weymann circa 1930 Style 6 plectrum
The Rarest Resonator -- 1929 Dobro Style 206
circa 1929 National Style 2 roundneck tri-cone
circa 1929 National Style 4 squareneck tri-cone
National King Biscuit Commemorative Style O model
Florentine violin by Luciano Sderci, 1960
Echoplex owned by Chet Atkins