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Gruhn Guitars Stromberg G-3 Cutaway

Ranger Doug's Stromberg G-3 Cutaway

Charles and Elmer Stromberg of Boston made some of the largest and most powerful archtop guitars ever the world has ever seen, but only a handful were cutaways.

This cutaway version of the Stromberg G-3 model was made circa 1950 and has been owned and used by "Ranger Doug" Green, whose fame as guitarist with the well-known cowboy group Riders in the Sky extends to an instructional DVD on rhythm guitar technique.

In a handwritten letter accompanying this guitar, Ranger Doug writes "It is with considerable regret that I part with Stromberg G-3 #602, a guitar that has travelled all over the country and been on the Grand Ole Opry many times."

As an authority on Strombergs, Ranger Doug comments on the rarity of this Stromberg: "We may never track down all the numbers but as far as the Stromberg community knows for now, only five G-3 cutaways are known: 599, 601, 602, 616 & 625. Therefore this exquisite instrument not only sounds magnificent, it is also exceedingly rare."

This guitar (inv. #AR3827) was professionally refinished in cherry sunburst while in the possession of its original owner. It is in exceptionally fine condition. With hard case it is now offered at $30,000.

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