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Featured Inventory Archives 1999-2012

Gibson Custom ES-140T

Gibson Custom ES-140T 3/4

There's an old saying in the vintage guitar business: Gibson at least one of everything. And this custom ES-140T 3/4 model from 1968 is a perfect example.

In this case, a customer wanted Gibson's smallest-body archtop electric guitar, the 3/4 size ES-140T (T for thinbody), with the ornamentation of one of Gibson's fanciest models, the Byrdland.

Not only is the ornamentation Byrdland style, so is the neck. The Byrdland's 23 1/2" scale is 3/4" longer than that of the ES-140.

Interestingly, this instrument was built in 1968, just as the ES-140T 3/4 was being discontinued after an 11-year production run. It definitely went out in style.

This guitar (inv. #EH5895) is in exceptionally fine condition. With original hard case it is offered at $5,000.

This instrument is SOLD

For further enjoyment...

Close of body
Lower body
Cutaway area
Back of headstock
Back of neck
Full back view