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Featured Inventory Archives 1999-2012

Gruhn, 1958 ES-335-2

1958 ES-335 sunburst

Gibson's ES-335 introduced the concept of a semi-hollow electric guitar -- combining the traditional look of a Gibson archtop with the performance of a solidbody. This beautiful sunburst example (inventory #EH5398) was one of those from the first year of issue that helped win over players to the new style.

It has all the great 335 features, including dot inlay, nickel-plated hardware, patent-applied-for pickups and original hard case. It is in exceptionally fine condition SOLD.

This instrument is SOLD

For some reason that we can not determine, it is stamped with a "2" on the back of the peghead, but it appears to be flawless. See for yourself...

closeup of front

Closeup of controls

Closeup of pickups

Closeup of peghead